How Much Are Actors Paid in the UK?

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In the UK, more than 80 percent of actors are unemployed at any one time. While it’s true that many film stars earn huge amounts of money, this money has to be spread out over years and is unlikely to be enough to support a lifelong career. In fact, the average actor’s income in 2014 was only PS5,000, despite a career that spanned six years. This means that the average actor in the UK makes a modest PS1,800 a year, depending on their location and the type of work they do.

How much are actors paid UK

According to the most recent survey from casting agency Casting Call Pro, a quarter of actors earned between PS1,000 and PS5,000 in 2013. A further two percent earned more than PS20,000. This means that the average actor in the UK earns significantly more than the national minimum wage. But while this figure may seem generous, it is far from the norm. The UK has a much smaller market for the entertainment industry than the US, so it’s difficult to compare salaries.

While some actors earn more than others in the US, the average salary in the UK is lower than in the US. In the United Kingdom, the highest-paid actor earns PS65,363 annually, while the lowest-paid actor makes PS46,413 a year. The figures are not necessarily indicative of salaries in the US, where many of the most famous actors earn tens of millions of dollars. However, it’s worth noting that British actors are mostly privately owned, and the average salary ranges from PS31 an hour to PS80,925.

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For example, actor Derek Thompson of the popular BBC soap Casualty was reportedly paid PS350,000-PS39,999 for his work on the show. Those who perform in a BBC soap don’t get to exploit their on-screen persona. Some actors are even allowed to do voiceovers for Tesco, earning up to PS500,000 for a two-year, three-ad deal.

The most popular actors tend to earn the most. In the UK, a well-known actor will make more than PS300. A lesser-known actor will be paid more. The average actor will be paid around PS6,892 for a 30-minute television show. The BBC also reported that the average salary for an established actor is around PS4,668. For a lesser-known actor, the average salary is still not high.

The salaries of actors in TV shows vary considerably. For example, popular TV shows typically pay their actors more than double their salaries in the US. The average actor will receive a PS1,100 per episode, which is PS12,000 for a year on a soap opera. While the highest-paid TV show in the UK is ‘EastEnders’, the average salary for an actor will be around PS141,000 for a year.

In the UK, actors are paid PS308 for rehearsals and PS402 to PS525 for each day they perform. Other types of work may require additional skills such as dancing or singing. Despite the low salaries, some of these performers are still able to support their families. Regardless of the type of work, actors in the UK are incredibly valuable to the country’s economy. In addition to their regular paychecks, they also earn incomes from their other passions.

For those who wish to earn a living from acting, the most common way to earn money in this profession is by performing in TV. Despite the low wages of actors, they can often earn a handsome sum of money by participating in series programs. In fact, some actors work on a three-day contract, which means that they’ll have more time to work. While the average weekly salary for an actor in the UK is PS1,825 for a full-time role, the minimum rate for a movie star will range from PS1,352 to PS4,941 for a one-hour series.

In terms of salaries, some actors earn more than others. The minimum salary for a term actor is around PS702 per week, but it varies widely based on experience and length of the contract. For instance, a dance captain earns about $406 a week and a PS26 per performance. The salary of a TV star is PS505 a week, while a TV actor will make an average of PS862 in a week.

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